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The general conditions of sale described below will be applicable to all sales made by ARILEX S.L and will be considered known and accepted by the buyer when placing their order, being these fully applicable, unless denied by ARILEX S.L


It is considered an order the receipt of a written document that incorporates the Company Logo, Trade Name or Company Name, the description of the requested materials and possibly with the agreed price, reference or order number or any other information that may be required for correct validation in your invoice acceptance process. All these must be accepted and signed by the buyer and sent to ARILEX by email ( Order acceptances are strictly limited to the supplies and / or services that are expressly mentioned in the document. Telephone orders are not allowed. For orders of equipment that ARILEX does not have in regular stock and must be requested and manufactured, 30% of the total budget must be paid as a guarantee reserve. Without this reservation payment, ARILEX will not process any order.


ARILEX reserves the right to cancel orders pending delivery when the buyer has fully or partially breached previous contracts / agreements. Accepted orders cannot be canceled in the following cases: - When 3 days have elapsed from the date of receipt by the buyer of our acceptance. - When the order has been dispatched. - When, in the case of special manufacturing material, it had begun to be manufactured. (In the event that the buyer refuses to pay the remaining 70%, as well as the shipment of the manufactured order, ARILEX will consider the order canceled and will issue an invoice to the buyer for the amount of 30% of the value collected in advance).


Delivery will be made at the buyer's warehouses, or at the delivery address indicated by the buyer, on the truck and the buyer must have the necessary means for its reception and unloading. All deliveries will be made on the agreed day during business hours. The delivery times are approximate and no damage, interest, loss, penalty, fine or compensation will be recognized by the buyer in case of delay, for whatever reason.


The merchandise always travels at the buyer's risk and expense, including re-shipments. In the event of damage caused to the merchandise during transport, the customer will be responsible for making a claim to the transport company at the same time of delivery, writing the incident on the carrier's delivery note and subsequently communicating such information within 24 hours. incidence in writing to ARILEX following the stipulated protocol in which we will need:

1. Delivery note number of the carrier's check.

2. ARILEX delivery note number.

3. Photograph of the delivery receipt if any reservation or annotation of the incident has been made.

4. Model of the damaged product.

5. Description of the damage caused.

6. Photographs of the damaged product and packaging.

7. Communicate if you prefer a financial compensation or a replacement of the product. 

After 24 hours from the delivery of the product, it is considered that the customer receives the product in fullcompliance and will not have the right to claim any damage. In the event of any damage or doubt that it presents in the original packaging, however small it may be, it is necessary to indicate it on the delivery note, so that it could be replaced. If nothing is noted in it, no claim will proceed.


The payment of the products supplied by ARILEX will be made in cash by bank transfer. In the event that the insurance company grants credit to the buyer, the maximum payment terms will be those established by Law 15/2010, of July 5, amending Law 3/2004 of December 29 and always agreed by ARILEX.


ARILEX will not accept returns of merchandise supplied and delivered, except in justified cases authorized by ARILEX, where it is necessary that they be in perfect condition, packaging and functioning. It must be numbered and written authorization for receipt of goods at our facilities and freight caused by that return, will always be the responsibility of the buyer. If, once the material has been inspected, it does not meet these requirements, a demerit of its payment will be made, which may be up to the total of the original value invoiced in the order. In all returns, the merchandise will be depreciated by 15% of the net invoiced value as a participation in our revision and conditioning costs. In no case will massive returns of machinery be accepted (stock adjustments, warehouse changes, etc.). The return of any type of product will not be accepted within the month of its purchase date.


IMPORTANT: All the products in this catalog are exclusively for industrial or professional use to integrate them into a production process, transformation, marketing or provision to third parties. Therefore, the application of the "General Law for the Defense of the Consumer and Users" is excluded. The warranty is one year from the invoice date and covers defective parts, whose replacement and transport will be at the buyer's expense. The warranty does not cover lighting or glass when the equipment is equipped with these elements.

Possible damages due to transport or incorrect installation or maintenance will not be considered valid reasons for the purposes of the guarantee. Routine maintenance and repairs due to improper installation are not covered by the warranty. The warranty is valid only for the first purchaser and does not include replacement of the device.

The installation and start-up of any equipment supplied by ARILEX, as well as the repair or technical assistance during the warranty period, must be carried out by a qualified professional installer. ARILEX may carry out warranty equipment repairs at the request of the installer who purchased the equipment at ARILEX's own facilities, or at the equipment's own location, with the requesting installer being responsible for all shipping, travel and labor costs incurred.

ARILEX S.L. is not responsible for possible delays that take place during the warranty period and does not compensate for any direct or indirect damage, resulting from imperfections or defects in the machinery supplied, based on the Spanish Civil Code. Possible delays in the provision of the service will in no way give the right to postpone payments related to the equipment subject to the guarantee. Delay in payments, or even partial insolvency of the customer, automatically leads to the cancellation of the guarantee, even for third parties.


All taxes levied on the sale of ARILEX products included in this rate, according to current legislation, will be paid bybuyer. ARILEX, in compliance with RD 208/2005, of February 28, on electrical and electronic equipment and waste management, will include in its final prices, the ecotax corresponding to each type of product.


The general conditions of sale will be understood as accepted by the buyer when placing the order. ARILEX and the buyer agree that all litigation whatever its nature will be expressly and unequivocally submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Badajoz (Spain), although ARILEX may proceed judicially against the buyer before the courts of any jurisdiction in which it reside or develop its business.


The specifications and technical information contained in this catalog are understood for informational purposes and therefore do not have contractual value. ARILEX reserves the right to introduce the modifications it deems necessary, without affecting the functional characteristics of the products.

The prices, technical characteristics and photos of the articles in this catalog may be changed without prior notice.

Price List effective as of February 1st, 2021